June, 2019
Outstanding Reviewer award at CVPR’19.

May, 2019
Code for ‘Pixel-Adaptive Convolutions’ is released.

May, 2019
A paper on ‘differentiable feature rendering (DIFFER) for 3D reconstruction’ is accepted (oral) at 3D-WiDGET workshop at CVPR’19.

March, 2019
Code for ‘Competitive Collaboration’ is released.

February, 2019
Papers on ‘Pixel-adaptive convolutional networks’, ‘Self-supervised co-part segmentation’ and ‘Unsupervised estimation of depth, optical flow, camera pose and motion segmentation’ are accepted to CVPR’19.

November, 2018
Talk on ‘Sparse High-Dimensional Neural Networks’ at MIT, Cambridge.

September, 2018
Code for ‘Superpixel Sampling Networks’ is released.

August, 2018
Paper on ‘intergration of optical flow and action recognition’ accepted as an oral presentation to GCPR’18.

August, 2018
Code for ‘Learning Superpixels with Segmentation-Aware Loss’ is released.

July, 2018
Papers on ‘Superpixel Sampling Networks’ and ‘Switchable Temporal Propagation Networks’ accepted to ECCV’18.

June, 2018
Our work on SPLATNet received best paper honorable mention at CVPR’18.

June, 2018
Code for ‘SPLATNet’ is released.

April, 2018
Received Outstanding Reviewer award at CVPR’18.

April, 2018
A paper on training deep networks with synthetic data is accepted to ‘Workshop on autonomous driving’ at CVPR’18.

February, 2018
Papers on point-cloud CNNs (oral), multi-frame video interpolation (spotlight) and superpixels with deep features are accepted to CVPR’18.

October, 2017
Code for ‘Semantic Video CNNs’ is released.

October, 2017
Talk on ‘Bilateral Neural Networks’ at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

July, 2017
A paper on ‘Semantic Video CNNs’ is accepted (oral) to ICCV’17.

July, 2017
Received Outstanding Reviewer award at CVPR’17.

July, 2017
Joined as a research scientist in Jan Kautz’s group at Nvidia Research.

May, 2017
Received PhD (summa cum laude) from University of Tübingen, Germany.

April, 2017
Code for ‘Video Propagation Networks’ is released.

March, 2017
A paper on ‘Efficient 2D and 3D Facade Segmentation’ is accepted to PAMI’17.

March, 2017
A paper on ‘Video Propagation Networks’ is accepted to CVPR’17.

October, 2016
Received Outstanding Reviewer award at ECCV’16.

August, 2016
I will be joining as a research scientist in Jan Kautz’s group at Nvidia Research.

July, 2016
A paper on ‘Bilateral Inceptions’ is accepted to ECCV’16.