The following are some public codes related to our research work:

  • Superpixel Sampling Networks - [Code(github)]
  • SPLATNet for 2D-3D semantic segmentation - [Code(github)]
  • Superpixels trained with segmentation aware affinity loss (SEAL) - [Code(github)]
  • Video Propagation Networks - [Project Page] [Code(github)]
  • Semantic Video CNNs through Representation Warping - [Project Page] [Code(github)]
  • Bilateral Inception Networks - [Project Page] [Code(github)]
  • Learning Sparse High Dimensional Filters - [Project Page] [Code(github)]
  • Semantic Optical Flow - [Project Page] [Code(zip)]
  • Efficient Facade Segmentation using Auto-Context - [Project Page] [Code(bitbucket)]